I used Canva templates to create these posts.
I know, that's a bit sacrilegious from a designer's POV, but I will justify my choices.
Maire Forkin Designs does not have a regular in-house designer. Most of their marketing materials were coming from user-friendly online services rather than big budget design software. This is a commonality that I think quite a few small companies share.
I wanted to use my limited internship with Maire not to entirely restructure, but to work with the software that was already available to this small team, creating and modifying templates so that, once my time was up in Ireland, the company could continue generating marketing materials by plugging into the templates I left behind for them.
Social media
Generating uniformity across a vast online presence.
When designing for Maire's social media, I firstly wanted to focus on the uniformity of all of my different design elements. I found that a muted color palette, minimal typeface use, and primarily focusing on images would best my task of marketing chic, luxurious fashion that often speaks for itself without needed much visual support.
This was also easily adaptable to Maire's preexisting online presence, which was photo-heavy but lacked a singular design approach.

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