Research and brand development
How can I reflect the past 100 years of the beloved Italian candy into its rebrand?
Digital logotype development
Translating ideas from paper into digital.
The concept seen on the left was the one later translated to the finalized logotype on the right. I adjusted the alignment with consideration to what looked most naturally balanced, and used the '1857' marker to fill empty space.
And some other concepts, which didn't make the cut...
Creation of the pastille box

Pastiglie originals (pastilles) are the primary product of the brand, and with hundreds of different flavors in production, the candies require unusually adaptive packaging. I wanted to incorporate enough modifiable design elements that these boxes could be endlessly altered for a diverse range of products while still having a uniform appearance.
Letterhead and business card
Concepts to integrate the new branding into company stationary.

more projects...

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