May 01.
A portrait of the actress Ruth Negga which was modified to resemble an early SLR photo.
digital media, image manipulation, photo compositing

May 02.
A digital colorization of a B/W photo of the actress Eva Green.
This is an old project that I revisited with much adoration. As much  as I love retrograding new photos to look older, I also love the beauty of an old-fashioned colorization.
digital media, image manipulation, colorization

May 03.
Two 11x17 poster concepts for the movie 'Maurice'.
I had used this design as a t-shirt print in the past, and am now re-imagining it on paper. I love how absolutely minimalistic it is... which can be a real design challenge for myself.
print media

May 04. - 05.
Revisions on the portfolio page for my Pastiglie Leone rebranding and packaging project.
Does it feel  like this one may be cheating the prompt a bit? Maybe. But that's ok—what's important is that I invested time into my work on these days, and I pride myself on that!
print media, typography, branding, packaging, production

May 08.
Sifting through and organizing all of my collections of custom icons.

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